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We enable academic content creators and educators to expand their horizons, to reach their full potential.

We are looking for

Academic Content Creators
and Educators!

Attention Everyone!

We are on a look out for finance, accounting, taxation, and auditing professionals, as well as part-time/full-time lecturers, trainers, academicians, educators, and academic content creators interested in content creation!

We also welcome certified professionals in finance, accounting, taxation, and auditing domains, who wish to contribute as authors and reviewers for professional certification materials.

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Here’s where you can use your power of Content Creation

Become a part of our Community and help create content in the below catalogue of courses

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) encompasses a range of educational programs and learning activities designed to support professionals in their ongoing learning journey, enabling them to stay current, improve performance, and meet the evolving requirements of their professions.

Exam Prep Courses to help students and professionals clear professional certificate courses like US CPA, US CMA, EA, etc. Professional certificate courses are a structured educational program that offers in-depth training and expertise in a specific professional domain, providing participants with recognized credentials and a competitive edge in their career.

Practical Training Courses (PTCs) provide an intensive learning journey, equipping you with job-ready skills within 45 days. Through comprehensive modules, case studies, assignments, and mock projects, you'll gain practical expertise, earn a Certification of Completion, and enhance your employability in relevant industries.

What types of Content?

Unleash your creativity and explore a world of possibilities with our captivating range of content types and formats. You will have the freedom to express your ideas and make a lasting impact.

  • Study materials (PPTs, PDFs, Tables, Charts, Other)
  • MCQs - Objective-type Questions
  • Short Videos/Video Bytes
  • Books, Flashcards, and Study/Exam
  • Case Studies and Business Simulations
  • Pre-recorded Lecture Videos

Walking to the Content Creator’s Corner

Register for a Pre-enrollment Counselling Webinar!

Join us for this informative webinar and gain a deep understanding of our platforms and how you can benefit from partnering with us!

What’s in it for you?

Discover the Exceptional Benefits of Partnering with Us
  • Get Global Outreach
  • Enhance Credibility
  • New Career Path
  • Collaboration with Other Creators
  • Monetary Upside from the Side Hustle
  • Get expert Admin-tech Support for Content Creation
  • Flexibility and Convenience

There’s a cause, but there’s also Compensation!

Customized Compensation:

Explore Rewarding Packages Tailored to Your Work Preferences

CPE Courses

  • Fixed Fees monthly for Catalogue of Content.
  • Revenue Sharing.
  • One-Time Fees.
  • Combination of Any of the Above Fees Structure.

Exam Prep Courses

  • Fixed Fees for Content Creation.
  • Revenue Sharing.
  • Ongoing Fees for Updates/Support/Sessions etc

Practical Training Courses (PTCs)

  • Fixed Fees monthly for Catalogue of Content.
  • Revenue Sharing.

Together towards
excellence: A journey of
shared achievement!

One Content. Two Platforms. Three Winners.

Relationship of a Lifetime!

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One Content

The quality content that you create using your knowledge and expertise.

Two Platforms

The content would be made available on

  • Entigrity Academy
  • Global CPE Platforms

Three Winners

Ultimately, everyone wins!

  • Indian Students & Professionals
  • Indian Content Creators/Educators
  • US Students & Professionals
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